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Speaking of Science...

Science is for everyone!

I strongly beleive that the function of science is to add knowledge and enrich the lives of everyone.


That is why I'm always looking for new ways to share my science for excitement, with diverse audiences of all backgrounds and sizes!

Here are some of my recent projects

Person Writing

Freelance Science Writing

I am a writer and editor for a number of agencies and online publications on epigenetics, neuroscience and lab life!

This card game helps tell the stories of monumental women who contributed to our scientific past and future. The project was headed by Nadja Oertelt and illustrated by Matteo Farinella

I supplied content, educational standards, and resources on 5 of these influencial women.

OnYourMind had weekly episodes where three graduate students talked about their neuroscientific lives, and had informal and enthusiastic conversations about recent advances in neuroscience.

I was a producer and host of OYM, which ran for three years and produced 97 episodes!

Tidy Desk
Case and controlPNG_edited.png
cas tree_edited.png

Science Communication Outreach

I am passionate about spreading the #SciComm love and have organized satellite symposiums and career events for the Canadian Association for Neuroscience and the CIHR Institute of Genetics

case & control is a hanging installation art piece, created in collaboration with Tarek Ghaleb-Debello, exhibited at the Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts Black Box exhibition space.

This piece uses candid family photos, and pulsing LED lights, to explore the outcome of bringing complex human stories into the objective data produced by human research.

This quarterly newsletter is sent to trainee members of the American Society for Human Genetics and contains original articles on genomic advancements and career advice.

I was a contributing writer and editor from 2017-2019.

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